VI Serbian-Bulgarian Astronomical Conference (VI SBAC)

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Dec 122007


F I R S T   A N N O U N C E M E N T

VI Serbian-Bulgarian Astronomical Conference (VI SBAC):
9-12 May 2008, Prokuplje, Serbia

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Milan S. Dimitrijevic (Co-chairman, Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Milcho K. Tsvetkov (Co-chairman, Institute of Astronomy, BAS, Sofia)

Luka  Ch. Popovic (Co-vice chairman, Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Valeri Golev (Co-vice chairman, Astronomical Observatory, Sofia University)

Alexander P. Antov (Institute of Astronomy, BAS, Sofia)
Miodrag Dacic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Lachezar G. Filipov (Space Research Institute, BAS, Sofia)
Georgi Ivanov (Astronomical Observatory, Sofia University)
Darko Jevremovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Predrag Jovanovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Andjelka Kovacevic (Department of Astronomy, Mathematical Faculty, Belgrade)
Zarko Mijajlovic (Mathematical Faculty, Belgrade)
Kiril Panov (Institute of Astronomy, BAS, Sofia)
Nadezda Pejovic (Department of Astronomy, Mathematical Faculty, Belgrade)
Dejan Urosevic (Department of Astronomy, Mathematical Faculty, Belgrade)

Local Organizing Committee:

Chairman:  Andjelka Kovacevic (Department of Astronomy, Mathematical Faculty,

Miodrag Dacic
Milan S. Dimitrijevic
Zarko Mijajlovic
Tatjana Milovanov
Nenad Milovanovic
Luka C. Popovic
Zoran Simic
Aleksandar Simonovic
Aleksandar Valjarevic

Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade
Astronomical Society “Magelanic Clouds”, Prokuplje
Astronomical Society “Rudjer Boskovic”, Belgrade

Web site:

The conference will take place in Prokuplje, Serbia, May 9-12, 2008 in
hotel “Hammeum”. The registration fee will be 100 Euros. Official
languages of the Conference are Bulgarian, Serbian, and English.
The abstract deadline is March 1st, 2008.

SOC starts to collect oral and poster presentations – for invited talks – 40
contributed talks 15 min and posters 5 min. The Registration form with
the titles and  the proposal of the type of contribution should be sent by
up to 31st December 2007 to the addresses:
Milan S. Dimitrijevic
Astronomical Observatory
Volgina 7
11160 Belgrade, Serbia

Andjelka Kovacevic
Department of Astronomy
Faculty of Mathematics
Studentski Trg 16
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

The deadline for Abstracts (see attached template) is 1st February 2008.

The proceedings of the VI-SBAC will be published
until the end of 2008 and the deadline for manuscripts
is  July 1st 2008.

There is no strict limit of the page number, but contributions will be
by SOC and if some of them are too extensive a shorter version will be
The usual expected size of the papers are: invited talk – 10-16 pages,
contributed talk 6-10 pages and poster 4-8 pages.

See you in Prokuplje in May 2008!

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