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May 152017
Уважаеми колеги,
     На 18 май 2017 г от 14:00 часа в зала 301 на Института по Електроника
на БАН, бул. “Цариградско Шосе” № 72, София ще се проведе редовната
сбирка на семинара на Института по Астрономия

Carl Schmidt, PhD; 
Research Associate, Laboratoire Atmosphиres, Milieux,
Observations Spatiales (LATMOS), CNRS, France
ще представи своята работа на тема
"Modern planetary applications for small telescopes"


For bright planetary objects, telescopes <1 m can generally
offer two simple advantages: time is allocated freely and operational
expenses are modest. This talk will give an overview of some current
studies of the atmospheres of Mercury, Io and comets using small aperture
telescopes. Particular attention is given to the bright sodium component
of these atmospheres due to its unique resonant scattering property. Such
observations have proved effective in characterizing and disentangling the
different processes sustaining Mercury’s thin atmosphere, in which sodium
is a primary component. Small near-IR telescopes are an ideal tool to
monitor volcanism on Io, and sodium observations provide a valuable proxy
for its atmospheric loss processes and interaction with the plasma torus.
The relative sodium abundance in cometary comae varies by nearly two
orders of magnitude, and is released through a combination of nuclear and
dusty grain sources. While the Io observations evidence sodium-bearing
molecular ions as a parent species (most likely NaCl+), cometary comae
show marked differences between the ion and Na spatial distributions that
cannot be attributed to solar radiation pressure or ion pick up.

Lubomir Iliev
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