Jan 102019

Редовна сбирка на семинара на Института по Астрономия ще се проведе на 15 януари 2019г. (вторник) от 14:00 часа в зала 301 в сградата на бул. “Цариградско шосе” No 72, София.

Tibor Mitnyan, University of Szeged (Hungary) ще направи презентация на тема:

Correlations between chromospheric activity and physical parameters of contact binary stars


There are lots of contact binaries that show activity signals, and stellar activity can alter the formation and evolution of these systems. One of these signals is the emission excess observed in several ultraviolet and optical absorption spectral lines (Ca II H+K, Mg II, Hα), which indicates ongoing chromospheric activity.
Our main objective is to find possible correlations between the strength of the chromospheric activity on contact binary stars and all of their physical and orbital parameters that can be derived from our observations. In order to make a decent statistical analysis, as many targets have to be observed as possible.
To increase the number of the derived quantities and construct a detailed physical model of the observed targets, we also try to obtain simultaneous photometric measurements. This also allow us to study the more interesting or peculiar systems in more details, for example getting a deeper insight in short-scale variations of the photospheric and chromospheric activity.

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