Sep 082019

Редовна сбирка на Научния семинар на Института по Астрономия ще се проведе на 12 Септември 2019г., (четвъртък) от 14:00 часа в зала 301 в сградата на бул. “Цариградско шосе” No 72, София.

Д-р Николай Качаров (Max Plank Institute fur Astronomie, Heidelberg) ще направи презентация на тема:

“Stellar populations in the densest stellar systems in the Universe ”


In this talk I will introduce some of the open questions in the field of globular clusters and nuclear star clusters. As one part of the colloquium, I will talk about the multiple populations phenomenon in globular clusters and focus on our recent discoveries in intermediate age clusters in the Magellanic Clouds. The second part will be dedicated to the much more extended star formation histories in nuclear star clusters. I will discuss our discrete IFU spectroscopic observations of the nucleus of the tidally disrupted Sgr dSph galaxy – the massive globular cluster M54, and also integrated light spectroscopy in the nuclei of yet undisturbed nearby galaxies. I will explore and discuss possible theories for the formation of these very dense objects based on our observations.

Поканени са всички интересуващи се.

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