Nov 222019

Редовна сбирка на Научния семинар на Института по Астрономия ще се проведе на 28 Ноември 2019г.,
(четвъртък) от 14:00 часа в зала 301 в сградата на бул. “Цариградско шосе” No 72, София.

Д-р Алберт Варонов и проф. дфн Тодор. Мишонов (ИФТТ, БАН) ще докладват резултатите от своята работа
на тема:

“The Theory of Heating of the Solar Corona and Launching of the Solar Wind by Alfvén Waves”

Abstract: After more than 70 years of development of Solar physics, the Alfvén hypothesis of heating of the solar corona by AW has remained without alternatives; none of other mechanisms can explain ab initio the value of λ. State-of-the-art MHD calculations reveal acceptable agreement with observational data for the height profile of the temperature T(h) in the transition region of solar corona. Simultaneously, the velocity of the solar wind U(h) has also been calculated. The developed method gives the possibility at given frequency dependent spectral density of Alfvén waves (AW) coming from chromosphere W(ω) to calculate both height profiles T(h) and U(h).
The performed MHD analysis explains the height dependence of the non-thermal broadening of the chromospheric spectral lines and predicts angular dependence of this broadening with respect of position in solar disc.

Поканени са всички.
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